Scale and build a profitable law firm without burnout, allowing you more freedom. 



When You Join as a  Member You Get:

  • Instant access to step-by-step lessons so you can implement the Scalable Firm Formula (foundations, marketing, data, automate)
  • Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching calls directly with Caralee.
  • Private students-only Facebook Group for ongoing support and personalised feedback when you have questions from Carlaee. 
  • Ongoing updates as the opportunities change.

Clarify Your Foundations

Clarify and create a solid foundation with all the primary elements you need to grow your legal brand. Know your ideal customer, messaging, online profiles and more. Solidify your place in the local market and position yourself for impactful growth.

Create Marketing Strategies 

Filter all your ideas down into one profitable, growth-oriented strategy that fits your law firm.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and content creations by implementing three strong automated marketing funnels that work! 

Dive Into Data

Implement your strategy and start gathering data to make profitable decisions. Know how many clients you need and create predictability in your law firm. We will implement google analytics, social media insights, and conversions tactics to build more momentum.

Automate Your Profit

Create a firm and profits that works on systems, processes and automation. This way, you don't have to be there all the time putting out fires or doing low-level tasks. Implement strategic workflow systems in your law firm so that you have more freedom to do what you love. 



And you’ll be scaling alongside other action-taking, unstoppable law firm owners who are creating more freedom. Plus you are learning from someone who has been where you are and shares everything (not just a coach is talking about it!)



The Scalable Business Lounge Is Filled With...

Action, results and accountability! 

Monthly accountability 

Monthly live workshops

Live group coaching calls

Instant access to the Scalable Firm Formula

Instant access to past masterclasses

What are other law firm owners saying?


I am really appreciating the practical resources that you have laid out in the training and workbooks, the materials are very relevant for me even in a larger firm. Everything is much clearer and I’m not doing anything that doesn’t have a strategic outcome.


Joining Caralee to Scale my law firm has been one of the best decisions I have made in relation to my business.

I am learning how to scale my business for the long run, not just the short term.

What Are You Waiting For?

You want to be sure your investment is a beneficial one... one that includes results, action and accountability!  


I believe in this program. SO MUCH.

That's why I'm offering you a full 30 days to go through the course, risk-free. This program works, but not unless you do! If you request a refund, we’ll just check to make sure you completed your workbook and course work for the first step as well as attended the coaching calls in order to honour your request.