1. You Are Sick & Tired Of Being On The Diet Roller Coaster, you have spent countless dollars on  diets.
  2. You Can’t Stop At Just One Bite and you find it frustrating because you can’t seem to stop being drawn to processed food that makes you feel gross!
  3. You Have Crazy Sugar Cravings every afternoon or evening you just need to eat sugar and you go on the sugar hunt!
  4. You Feel Totally Overwhelmed By All Of The Information Out There because over  the years have been told so many different things from so many 'gurus' and you feel totally confused.
  5. You Don’t Feel Confident Or Like What You See In The Mirror and you want to feel happy and confident in your own skin.

The awesome news is you are only 30 days away from feeling amazing!

4 Week Foundations Course

Recipes, Shopping Lists & Menus

Ongoing Support, Coaching & Community

Goals, Challenges & Achievement

Go on the waitlist, I am ready to do this!

Become a part of the Real Food revolution.
Be the first to know when the Real Food Reset Membership opens for enrolment. 

Real Food Reset Membership offers guidance through an online course & membership helping you every step of the way. 

Use my unique reset method. I'll teach you how to reset your mind & remove sugar and junk food at a pace that works for YOU. 

Real Food Reset Membership includes a private online portal, app, private group coaching, video lessons, modules, recipes and guides. 

Quit Sugar - Forget About Dieting - Feel Better - Create A Life You Love


"I used to eat way to much junk food and I just didn't know how to stop. I was just putting on weight and felt really gross. When I started this program I just loved how easy it was, what I was learning about processed food. But then the weight just started falling off without feeling restricted. It was so simple! I loved this program that Caralee has created. "


"Have really enjoyed the recipes and feel I am on the right track now. I lost my sweet cravings and I have lost weight too. I will certainly recommend this program to my friends, I have learnt so much, it has been amazing. "


"I am loving this so much, I’m no longer hungry and if I am I grab a piece of fruit or one of your snacks instead of bikkies or chocolate, the bliss balls are a life saver. I have lost about 3kgs as well so that is an added bonus to feeling good."


What do I get in the program?

Guidance On How To Ditch Processed Food For Good

Kickstart and Setting Out For Success 

Learn How To Embrace a Real Food Mindset

Tools to Prepare Your Kitchen

Recipes, Menus & Shopping List Each Week

Workbooks Designed to Empower You

Learn How to Make Real Food Doable Everyday

Learn Why All Diets Have Failed You In The Past

Why Processed Food Has Us Hooked & Strategies On How to Stop!

Loving Your Body As & Allowing It To Love You Back

Your New Real Food Lifestyle

Group Coaching Answering All Your Questions

Plus much more!



I open the membership a few times a year. If you go on the wait list, you will be the first to know when the membership is open. 

I step you through a four foundations course to get you started. This is delivered via video lessons that help with mindset adjustments, information about processed food, how to eat out, how to get your family on board, shopping on a budget and so much more. Inside the program there are also bonus recipe books, menu plans and shopping lists. There is also group coaching live in the private Facebook group twice per month. 

The membership and program is for absolute beginners who want to improve what they eat, feel better and learn about real food. Also for people who have have tried before but never got results or fallen back into old habits and want to reset with support. The people in the membership want to make health a priority and take the next step. 

There is a joining fee of $139.00 USD and then a monthly fee of $35USD. Included you will get a login to a private membership area and app. Here you will find the self paced course, new monthly material, challenges, recipes, workbooks and much more. 

No problem at all. There are members from all over the world, and not everyone can make it to the live sessions. 


All the live coaching sessions are saved and can be watched at a time that suits your schedule. 

You get access to the online learning portal with all the course material, videos, recipes and handbooks for as long as you are a paying member.

Spend as much time as you want to watch as much as you want, as often as you want.

Hey there, I'm Caralee Fontenele.

I am so excited about sharing with you how to transform your life in an easy doable way.  

You may be able to relate to my story... I have always loved food, but felt like it didn't like me. Right up into my mid-thirties I was on the diet roller coaster, stressed and frustrated. Then I went to Thailand in 2013 and only ate local food for four weeks, I felt incredible and learnt that I had been eating the wrong food my entire life.

Since that time, I have focused on living real food life and it has transformed my mind, body and soul.

Let me show you how to leave dieting in the past, enjoy real food, gain clarity and love your body with the Real Food Reset.

Go on the waitlist, I am ready to do this!

Become a part of the Real Food revolution.
Be the first to know when the Real Food Reset Membership opens for enrolment. 


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